Online banking lessons at hub


People struggling with online banking skills could have their queries answered at a series of workshops at the Project Bruce community hub in Milton.

Community development worker Kim Schiller said the hub was creating a slot between 11am and noon on Mondays for community members who were having difficulty using the technology to come in for help.

“Many of our older people are struggling with paying bills, banking and general computing issues, so we are offering casual and confidential help with a cup of tea,” Mrs Schiller said.

The need had been highlighted during Covid-19, with many companies no longer accepting cheques and the move to online banking being accelerated, she said.

Milton resident Janice MacDonald was an early participant in the programme, and said the experience was “brilliant”.

“It’s easier if someone shows you how to do it.

“I find it a lot easier. I still have some problems, like I don’t always remember how to get back to the page I was on. But the girls at the hub were great and very welcoming.”

While she had her own difficulties, the new internet banker said there were many more older people around who had it worse than her.

“I can get out and about, but it’s even harder for those people in their 80s and 90s who have limited mobility,” Mrs MacDonald said.

For them it would be even more crucial to learn these virtual skills, in lieu of physical banking alternatives.

There were also those who did not have family around to show them the ins and outs of new technology, for whom a friendly lesson would be even more helpful.