Museum gets storage funding


The Owaka Museum has inched closer to an overdue expansion after the Catlins Heritage Society was granted $65,000 from the Otago Community Trust.

Curator Massi Urbano said the money would go towards a project to build more storage capacity for the museum’s expanding collection of items.

“We’ve been talking about this for a while .. we’ve been having to turn items away because of the lack of storage. So we’re very, very happy about the funding,” she said.

The plan was for a large warehouse on a plot of land beside the museum which would have specially-designed shelving units and drawers, as well as light and temperature controls to ensure the artefacts were protected from the elements.

In total, the build would cost $250,000.

“We’ve also applied to other agencies, such as the Trust Community Foundation, and we should hear back by December 12.”

The design work was already done for the building, museum building committee president Mike McPhee said.

“Hydestor have designed a whole shelving unit for us as well.”

The shelves would hold old photographs and portraits, which made up the bulk of the museum’s extensive archive, along with archaeological specimens and physical artefacts.