Multiple cannabis raids conducted



Cannabis cultivation and sale were of particular concern last week; two busts were carried out by Balclutha police with assistance from a Dunedin district response group and a precision targeting team.

“The first was a cannabis cultivation operation in Balclutha, involving a 46-year-old male,” Sgt Christopher Wakelin, of Balclutha, said.

“The man is due in Dunedin District Court this week.”

The second discovery was made when the execution of asearch warrant uncovered a “large amount of prepackaged cannabis material. And a large amount of cash.

“A 29-year-old male is due to appear in court for possession of and dealing cannabis.”
Another issue was the high incidence of youth drinking, especially in public.

“It’s becoming quite prevalent at the weekend. When spoken to, they’re saying they’re being supplied the alcohol by their parents or caregivers.

“This causes issues in relation to damage to property and disorder locally.

“We’ve had schools littered with broken glass bottles and just damage in general. It’s not ideal for children turning up to school on a Monday morning.”

Sgt Wakelin said he wanted caregivers to understand that supplying under›age children with alcohol in the public arena was an offence.

“And their children could be liable to get an infringement if found with alcohol in a public place.”

This would involve a $200 fine and a mark against their youth record.

Family violence was also on the police radar.

“It still plays a large part in our policing response,” Sgt Wakelin said.

“We’re just asking families to try and help each other . . .If an altercation looks like it’s going to become assaultive, someone is going to get hurt, try and walk away.’’

Police could point those in abusive relationships towards the right services to help.
“If you are in that situation, and don’t know who to turn to, give us a call.”