Motocross coaching from the top


Up and coming motocross riders in the Clutha District have been getting a helping hand recently to lift their skills and confidence so that they can compete at a higher level.

For the past few months Peter Broxholme, a motocross riding coach from Tauranga has been travelling around the South Island conducting small, intensive riding classes to young riders keen to make improvements in their riding styles.

“I have been holding small classes for only three riders at a time here in Balclutha and other centres and I have seen big changes in how well they are all riding.

“I teach them techniques on how to be safer out there on the tracks, how to stand and sit properly and ways to make their life a whole lot easier as they race.

“By teaching them how to ride easier and safer they have all found out how to go a lot faster with much more confidence,” Broxholme said.

“One young local rider, Connor Bond, has changed his riding style so much between when I first met him and now, he is on a whole new level of skills.

“It was as though everything had clicked when I saw him race at the recent junior nationals up north,” he said.

A former international motocross racer, Broxholme (37) continues to race domestically for Team Honda NZ, something he has done since the age of 16.

During his career he has won many national and international competitions.

He continues to race here, and now also travels the country offering tuition and guidance to young riders.

“It has been my job and passion for so long now, so I have found it is now time to share what I have learnt with others to help them be the best rider they can be,” he said.