Lessons have impact



A sudden skid, a shocking thud and 10 pupils stand there dazed, mouths open, shocked looks on their faces as instructors with Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) graphically demonstrate what happens when a car travelling at 60kmh hits a small person’s body.

When the small body stopped sliding inside the Telford Agricultural College, near Balclutha, last week, a hush fell across the group as the instructor Johnny Kirkpatrick explained how far a SUV has travelled with its brakes locked up before it hit the child dummy.

The message of slow down and think about what you are doing was aimed at 130 year 12 pupils attending the one-day course from high schools around the region.

The course aims to educate young drivers on safety and distraction, through training sessions on developing personal strategies and skills. A combination of graphic portrayals and classroom experiences served to guide them towards safer driving.