Leading up to Christmas


Many workers are flat out with the Christmas rush in Clutha as the annual Christmas holiday period looms. While it will soon be time off for many with the promise of long, lazy days by the lakes or rivers, this time of year is very busy for others. John Cosgrove talks to five people in the Clutha District who are burning the midnight oil as they work hard to service their clients in the last few days leading up to the Christmas break.

Jennel McKenzie

Dog groomer
Jennel McKenzie, at Fur Luv Dog Grooming, says she is booked up solid and yet the
phone is still ringing as people in the region want their pets pampered and prepared for
the summer heat.
“It’s always crazy at Christmas and I’m overbooked. I’ve had to ask my training volunteer to help out as people are still
ringing up looking for appointments.
“It’s more than just pampering them – that’s the love you have for them – but it is about
helping your dog cope with the heat we get at this time of the year and to keep all the
grass and bits out of their coats,” she said.

Jan Harper

Sausages for ever . . . Jan Harper from the Blue Spur Butchery and Deli in Lawrence prepares yet another batch of venison sausages for hungry clients. PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

A lot of big orders for hundreds of kilos of her famous sausages and meat products has resulted in Jan Harper at Blue Spur Butchery and Deli in Lawrence having to call in extra help to cope with the pre-Christmas demand.
“I’ve had to  ask a retired butcher to come in and help because of the increase in orders,” she said.
She said it had been great but the demand was growing each year and she was already working 10 to 12-hour days just to keep up with the demand.

Georgia Redshaw

Just in time . . . Rachel Dick has her hair appointment at Hairworkz in Balclutha where senior stylist Georgia Redshaw makes the necessary cuts. PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

Senior hair stylist

Georgia Redshaw, a senior stylist Hairworkz in Balclutha, said she and
her colleagues were rushed off their feet as they coped with the demand leading up to
Carleigh Frisby, the owner of Hairworkz, said her team of stylists were very busy and she had
extended her salon’s hours to cope with the demand.
“Our customers know it’s going to be busy pre-Christmas so many book up to a year in advance to secure an appointment,” she said.

Alisa Dacy

Eco friendly chocolates . . . Alisa Dacy from the Lawrence Mint hasn’t a clue just how many truffles she will make this Christmas season but has embraced the eco- wrapping movement and ditched plastics for paper this year. PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

Chocolate maker
Last year Alisa Dacy at the Lawrence Mint made 3000 truffles in the  days leading up to Christmas. This year she  said she was dreading looking at the order list because there were so many more orders.
“It’s insane the demand from my customers for chocolates this year,”
she said.
“I put an order book online and after just two days I had to take it offline as it was already full.
“I’m struggling to cope so I’ve have to bring in help to allow me to complete the pre-orders and make the 980 tarts ordered already,” she said.
Alisa has also moved into eco-packaging by using glass, paper and cotton, and ditching plastics entirely.

Anna Symons

In they go . . . It’s 9am and already Anna Symons from Courier Post has reloaded the van four times since she started at 5am with packages to deliver in Balclutha. PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

Anna Symons, of Courier Post in Balclutha, said they were very busy this year with internet
package deliveries to residences.
“It’s many more than in past years. It used to be just to businesses and a couple to houses. Now, thanks to the growth of internet shopping, it is so much more,” she said.
“Plus we’ve had a lot of growth in the demand for deliveries of online food bags.”
NZ Post chief operating officer Mark Stewart said deliveries from online shopping were 30% higher compared with the corresponding time last year.
In order to deal with the expected increase in volume, NZ Post had put on 600 more people, and had increased both its road and air network capacity.

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