Lamb drive raises funds for community centre


A lamb drive raised over $7000 on Friday for desperately needed restoration and maintenance work to the Clinton Community Centre.

Clinton farmer John Cochrane said 70 lambs were dropped off at his farm outside Clinton and almost an equal number of lambs were promised as cash donations by farmers in the region.

“Depending on the price we get for the lambs, we might even get $8000,” he said.
The money raised will go towards an expected $100,000 repair bill for the Clinton Community Centre which needs its roof replaced and lots of other work undertaken inside.

Lambs on the run . . . Fundraising lambs race past Clinton farmer John Cochrane as he helps to co­ordinate the fundraising for the re­roofing of the Clinton Community Centre. PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

“This is a community-owned facility, it’s not council-owned. The people of Clinton own it, but because few have stepped up to look after it in the past, it now needs lots of urgent maintenance.

“We are planning on replacing the roof and, if the budget stretches, we may get to do the ceiling inside the main hall and then replace all the lights with energy-saving LEDs.

“We also want to, at some time, install heat pumps and an audio system with video screening capabilities in the conference area to help with funerals and meetings,” he said.

“This is our hall, we won’t get another one and if we don’t look after it now we could lose it. Now is the time to look to the future and as long as we do that, then the community in Clinton will get the benefit of the centre for many, many more years to come,” Mr Cochrane said.

If all went to plan, the work should be done by this time next year, he said.

“If local farmers missed the chance to donate a lamb or funds to the work, they can call me and we will arrange it for them,” he said.