Institute members out and about to raise awareness


This week is the Women’s Institute (WI) awareness week, and members from many rural communities in New Zealand are taking part in a series of fun events to raise the profile of this nearly 100-year-old institution.

During the week, 4000 members from across the country were out and about in their own and neighbouring communities to promote the institute’s core values, which are still relevant today: to encourage and support all women within their communities, wherever they are, whatever their need.

The South Otago Federation planned a number of events for Balclutha and other centres in the region, including: a Muffin Monday, a Lonely Bouquet Tuesday, a walk at Millers Flat on Wednesday, an inter-club Friendship Day on Thursday, a fudge Friday, where pieces of fudge may be given out on street corners, and a Church Service on Sunday at Clinton.

For more information, please contact federation president: Mrs Joy Wilson, of Kuriwao, on (03)415-7333.