Improving West Otago step by step


Community Board Notes

It was pleasing to see how many responses we received for the consultation ‘‘Our Place West Otago’’. Now is the time to collate all the proposed ideas and put them into separate categories that the public of West Otago can take ownership of. There will be another chance at a public meeting to be held later this month for you, the public of West Otago, to be involved in one or more of these projects.

While it is exciting to hear of the various ideas, putting them into practice as something worthwhile will take some time, and not all projects will happen at once.

While we are all excited about the possibilities for our community, we must bear in mind our diminishing retail outlets in Tapanui. The loss of Seasons for our community is huge and also the earlier loss of Wylie’s Garage and the ongoing issues with Southfuels — are all of concern for the community. We must continue to support the shops that we do have so that we are still attracting people to the area to live and work.

It is heartening to see two new houses going up in the Tapanui area and another two nearing completion. This augurs well for the future and it is hoped that something comes out of the consultation regarding sections and housing for all of West Otago.

On a positive note, the reroofing of the West Otago Community Centre Theatre is nearing completion and what an improvement this has made. No longer will the theatrical society have to have buckets to catch the drips coming from the ceiling during shows. They can look forward to their 40th show in a watertight facility with upgraded fittings throughout. Much work has gone on, not only by the builders, but by members of the society to make sure the theatre is up and running for show week. We are so fortunate to have this facility, the envy of many other societies, and we must endeavour to support the community centre committee to continue upgrading this facility.

The long weekend has passed and I hope many of you enjoyed having a relaxing time at home with your families or have been away enjoying a change of scenery.

(Ed’s note: I’m sure the wider Clutha community joins the Clutha Leader team in congratulating Mrs Hanna on her Queen’s Service Medal, received during the Queen’s Birthday Honours.)