Illegal dumping of rubbish concerns


Clutha District Council staff are reporting an increasing and concerning amount of illegal rubbish being dumped in remote areas of the district, particularly in The Catlins, in forests and on roadsides.

Council’s Freedom Camping Officer Ian Royle said rubbish being thrown from cars was a bad problem at present, mainly beer bottles, babies dirty nappies and take-away food wrappers.

“Being on the road every day as I am, I come across sights like the ones shown in this photograph all the time, and it’s definitely getting worse. “Sadly rubbish is often dumped at some of our most beautiful locations in the district,” Mr Royle said.

Council staff had recently dealt with an incident where over 500 old tyres were dumped near Waihola.

Staff are inspecting the rubbish to see if they can find out who is responsible.

It is an offence under the Litter Act for any person or body corporate to deposit or leave litter of any kind in a public place or on any private land without the prior consent of its owner.