Heavy rain and flooding close roads



Flooding caused several roads to be closed in the Clutha district following heavy rain on Tuesday.

Some Balclutha residents sandbagged their driveways in attempts to stem the flow of water into their properties.

“This happens a lot when it floods,” Septic Tank Services owner Lindsay Soper said.

He had been called to reduce the amount of water on the road outside houses on Lewin St.

“I can’t be certain it’s going to work, but we’ll make an attempt.”

Sandbagging . . . Residents of Lewin St had to resort to blocking their drives with sandbags. PHOTO: JACK CONROY

A Clutha District Council spokeswoman said council contractors were are not able to check every road, or sign every area of flooding.

“We ask everyone to take care on the roads, drive to the conditions, and remain vigilant for areas of water or damage on the roading network.”

She also warned against ignoring “road closed” signs and driving past them.

“Road users need to be aware that any damage done to their vehicles on closed roads is not covered by insurance and by driving through the flood waters they are causing additional unnecessary damage to already affected properties.”

The Clutha District Council also released an urgent water conservation notice on Tuesday, warning the council’s water treatment plants were struggling with the conditions.

Otago Regional Council recorded an 88mm rainfall in Balclutha by Tuesday afternoon that day.