Heading to the big smoke


What comes next for the Clutha District’s best and brightest? The Clutha Leader is beginning a series in which we talk to the head boys and girls of each high school in the district to find out what they will be doing next, as they move into another phase of life. This week Jack Conroy chatted to Briar Mills and Mason Tourell, the head girl and boy at South Otago High School.

South Otago High School head girl Briar Mills said her next step would be a move to Dunedin to pursue studies at the University of Otago.

Her best subject in school was biology, and she planned to continue with science.

“Right now my plan is to study food science, because I like food, and I like science,” Briar said.

She would be leaving her family behind to pursue this passion, and would be living in a residential hall.

She said she would miss life at school, and she knew there would be some difficulties adjusting to life in the new educational environment of university.

“I’ll have to be pretty organised. There won’t be teachers chasing me up any more.”

But moving on would bring new opportunities.

“It will just be good to challenge myself and do something different.”

Mason agreed, and said he was looking forward to making new friends as he also moves to Dunedin next year.

” .. also making new memories. From what I’ve heard it’s a good time.”

He was also cognisant of the challenges that crop up when you have more freedom and self determination.

“I’ll definitely need to come up with a good time management plan.”

Mason would be majoring in health science, which he was “pretty nervous” about, but thought he would enjoy.

“I want to be a physio for a sports team or something similar.”

Lacking some of the chemistry requirements for health science, Mason would take some summer school papers to bridge his knowledge gap.

He said he would also miss his friends, family and teachers back home.

“My mates, they’re working all over the place .. There are teachers whom I’ll miss. But they’re not too far away if I want to talk to them . There are some who are probably glad to get me out of their hair.”

Mason planned to carry on with his favourite sport of basketball, hoping to join a team at the university.