Free course for older drivers ‘to keep them safe’


It is not the end of the road for elderly drivers in Lawrence – a free driving course was held in the township last week to reinvigorate their knowledge of road safety.

Clutha District Council road safety co-ordinator Rachel Harrison said the idea was “to give confidence to our over-70s and keep them safe and keep them driving”.

The workshop was taken by ex-traffic officer Ray Setvic, who shared various techniques all drivers could use to ensure they were safe on the roads.

One was to make eye contact with other drivers at intersections before pulling out, Mr Setvic said.

“If they make eye contact with you, that means they’ve seen you. If they don’t, there is a chance they haven’t seen you and you should wait.”

He also drummed in the importance of knowing the road rules well.

“It’s not just so you can drive properly .. If you’re involved in a dispute and you know you’re in the right it can help you,” he said.

Mr Setvic talked about how other drivers sometimes attempted to intimidate elderly road users.

“I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve seen it happen. If someone is trying to intimidate you, call the police.”