Flooding extras



Otago Regional Council monitoring showed the Clutha River’s flow peaked at 3200cumecs, which many residents said was close to the 1999 flood levels. That is 3,200,000 litres of water passing by in one second. An average 25m-long swimming pool has 330,000 litres of water in it – that is 9.5 Balclutha swimming pools going past every second at its highest flow rate.


Council engineers look over the Hospital Rd retenetion pond. PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

The Hospital Rd retention pond crisis arose after council contractors conducting a safety inspection at dawn identified unexpected seepage from a secondary flood bank at the pond. The pond had filled following Monday and Tuesday’s continual heavy rain, after a relief valve was closed by contractors on Monday to prevent uncontrolled flooding. It drains the elevated Hospital Rd residential area, and empties via a creek passing through Balclutha’s low-lying western area and main street, which can flood during extreme events. Contractors took immediate steps to pump water from the pond and reduce pressure on the flood bank.


Flood water spills out over Waitepeka River banks onto Telford Rd.PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE
Some farmers woke to flooded paddocks again at Lovells Flat. PHOTO; JOHN COSGROVE

Farmers across Southland and Otago spent the weekend counting the cost of the serious flooding which has left hundreds of farms under water and resulted in lost livestock and ruined crops. The Government declared the flooding as a “medium-scale adverse event”, opening the way for funding of $100,000 through Rural Support Trusts to speed up recovery and provide technical advice.


Flood waters build up on north bank of Clutha River, PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

Districtwide conserve water notices were still in effect at edition time. There was no change in roading issues, and there were still temporary boil water notices for some areas.


Farmers affected by last week’s flooding need to reach out if they need assistance of any kind, Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker says. far put the call out for help from the farmy army but we know there will be more out there needing assistance,ask for help, but if you need assistance please contact your local Federated Farmers.