Flood-damaged footpath repaired



Lawrence residents were pleased with the results of recent repairs to the footpath on the Lawrence-Waitahuna Highway, which had long been a casualty of flood damage, along with other areas.

Stephen Roe, whose driveway had been ripped away in two previous years of flooding, said “It took a while, but we’re very happy with the results.”

Barbara Kerr agreed, saying “People can walk up and down the footpaths and kids can ride their bikes up and down like they used to.”

The footpath from Breakneck Rd to Whitehaven St had also been concreted to prevent future scouring and subsequent blocking of road culverts with footpath gravel.

Clutha District Council operations manager Gareth Phillips said culverts and ditches around the area had been cleared as well. The total cost of upgrades would be about $100,000, partially subsidised by the NZ Transport Agency.

Mayor Bryan Cadogan said “we will be cautiously optimistic that the work undertaken will substantially improve the town’s ability to withstand an inundation but there is always the caution that no two weather events are alike and the town’s topography, combined with the increasing intensity and frequency of storms, means that in reality we can never eliminate the risk of flooding in the future.”