‘Every little helps’


Clutha Vets host a ‘‘Drought Shout’’ barbecue and brew for local farmers and rural representatives at their Balclutha headquarters on Friday. ‘‘Every little helps,’’ Te Houka sheep farmer Johnny Bennett said. ‘‘The grass improved with the rain last week but we’ve got management strategies and it’s good to get together at opportunities like this.’’ Taking a break from the dry weather, conversation moved from news to sports to the upcoming duck-shooting season. Hamish Moore of Clutha Vets said the barbecue was arranged in support of the community weathering the drought. ‘‘We’re just pleased to look for ways to show solidarity with our farmers and join in taking our minds off the dry conditions. ‘‘Silver Fern Farms generously provided fresh meat for the barbecue and we’ll be co-ordinating with Lawrence Otago Rural Support Trust for future events,’’ he said. REPORT & PHOTO: NICK BROOK