Day at school swapped for obstacle course


Kids and adults of all ages from the Warepa School community enjoy the the Blue Light Police Association inflatable obstacle course last Thursday.

Balclutha’s Cross Recreation Centre echoed with whoops of fun and healthy competition as children and teachers queued up to pair off and race along two parallel chutes with climbs, crawls and soft obstructions to emerge at the finish and run back for another go.

Police school communities officer Constable Rochelle Gordon, of Balclutha, said the inflatable race›run was bought by recreational services for Blue Light to tour 75 schools from Oamaru to Southland, and this was the first time it had appeared in Balclutha.

Blue Light is a registered charity working with police to deliver a range of youth programmes and activities including flying and popular fishing competitions.

Its aim is to reduce the incidence of young people becoming offenders or victims of crime by encouraging good relationships between police, young people, parents and the community.

Schools were invited to put their names in a draw hat to win some novel time out of class.

‘‘It’s been a hard year so it’s great to see kids and grown›ups just having some fun together,’’ Const Gordon said.

‘‘You have to watch out when you’re going really fast you don’t bump into the one in front when you catch up,’’ Charlotte Brook (8) said. REPORT & PHOTOS: NICK BROOK