Daffodil attraction brings in more visitors than ever



Trustees hailed a record-breaking season for the Harts Black Horse Brewery daffodil attraction in Lawrence as it closed for the season last week.

Daffodils Trust chairwoman Simone Budge said more than 1300 people had visited the 154-year-old site during its five›week spring season this year.

That was an increase of about 30% on last year’s figure of 1000, she said.

She put the upsurge of floral enthusiasts down to a combination of word of mouth, hard work by volunteers, and a good dose of sunshine.

‘‘This season has been the best yet in terms of the amount of sunny weather on open days and the display of flowers.

‘‘The quality of the display is down in large part to three years of extra attention to the site, including stock management during summer to keep grass down, overgrowth clearance, and a weed-spraying programme that began this year.

‘‘Its helped people’s experience of the attraction enormously.’’

Increased numbers meant a growing kitty for further improvements, she said.

‘‘We’ve also been extremely fortunate to have donations of labour from three local contractors, which have helped us afford a freshly-gravelled and levelled car park, safety fencing and weed spraying all much needed.’’

Despite the improvements, trustees and volunteers would not be sitting idle during the closed season.

‘‘The next major project for the site is a sycamore massacre.

‘‘The trust hopes to access the labour of local volunteers and Lions to ring up trees, and then allow the public to bring their trailers and fill them for a nominal amount for firewood.’’

Creation of a ‘‘mini-museum’’ of brewery artefacts was also under discussion, she said.
Mrs Budge thanked volunteers for their continuing assistance.

‘‘Were so grateful to the small army of volunteers who help with working bees and staffing the site so it can be opened to the public, as well as local contractors and retailers who step up each year.

‘‘We simply could not do it without them.’’