Cream of the crop


Club president Jude Gamble, and conveners Min Bain (left) and David Robertson (right) are in the thick of the 2022 Lawrence Lions Club Winter Feed Competition.

‘‘Mainly we’re growing swedes, beets, legumes and this stuff,’’ Mr Roberts said, standing in a field of shoulder›deep kale.

‘‘The friendly rivalry of the competition has farmers who are already pretty expert striving for better. It costs you the same to grow a bad crop as a good one, so everything we do works toward improving techniques and yields.’’

Calculations converting crop in soil to stockfeed dry›matter decide the competition, which is an annual fundraiser hosted by Lawrence Lions Club, with a prizegiving evening on June 17.

‘‘We get up to 150 guests for dinner, and auction donated local products and services, weekend getaways for example, and regularly raise around $30,000 which the auction winners designate to the charity of their choice,’’ Mr Bain said. REPORT &PHOTO: NICK BROOK