‘Crazy’ idea pays off


Lawrence Area School pupil Ned Whiteman had a “crazy” idea for how to raise money for a school project.

The school is trying to raise the funds get a skate park built on the outskirts of the school grounds, and Ned decided a “crazy shirt day” would help get the job done, while having fun.

“Mum said people sometimes do ‘mad shirt days’, so I wanted to do one for the whole school.”

Earlier this month, each student brought a gold coin donation and their favourite colourful or creative shirt to school, with prizes to be won for the best efforts.

Teacher Gillian May said it was “wonderful” the students were showing initiative and that they cared about the skate park project.

“Ned came to me during the school holidays with his idea .. I think we’ve got a philanthropist in the making.”

Ned said he really was not all that interested in skateboarding, despite having two boards at home.

He felt it was a nice thing to do.

His real passion was biking.

“I’m really good at biking,” he said.