Clinton actor joins cast for ‘uneventful evening’


A new recruit has joined the West Otago Theatrical Society for the upcoming A Relatively Uneventful Evening directed by George Arthur-Amohau.

Warwick Taylor, of Clinton and the South Otago Theatrical Society, will play Victor, a successful businessman who is nearing retirement.

The play’s promotional material said Victor is “preparing for a simple after-work dinner party with good friends”.

“Unfortunately, an unexpected guest drops a bombshell and the evening turns out to be rather more stressful than he’d anticipated.”

The dinner party is thrown as a celebration of a book written by Victor’s wife, but turns into everything other than an “uneventful evening.”

Mr Taylor said: “Victor is a straight businessman who has made a lot of dosh. He’s a middle of the road, middle-class businessman.”

He said Victor would be thrown into a mix of eccentric characters, and the character himself “has the ethics of a used-car salesman. That’s how he appears to me.”

This was Mr Taylor’s first foray with the WOTS, but not with acting.

“I’ve been acting for a long time .. 10 years ago, with the South Otago Theatrical Society, I played Blackadder.

“After that I had the confidence to play any kind of part really.”

Unless that part involved singing.

“I simply cannot tell one note from another. A musical director once said to me ‘act like you’re singing.’ But that didn’t work. Eventually he told me ‘stay silent’.”

When Mr Taylor was not acting, he lived on the family farm in Clinton looking after his father and his children.

His wife, Ngaire Taylor, is an experienced play director who has worked with both the SOTS and the WOTS.

A Relatively Uneventful Evening begins at the West Otago Community Centre on June 28.