Clark drops in to Milton hub


Former prime minister Helen Clark made an impromptu visit to a Milton community centre earlier this month to find out how things were going at the grassroots level.

Ms Clark was treated to a tour of the Tokomairiro Community Hub, and given a rundown on its operations.

Project Bruce co-ordinator Kim Schiller described many of the services on offer at the hub, including the ongoing school lunches programme, and on-site drop-in food bank.

“I imagine it makes a huge difference to people on low incomes to have access to this,” Ms Clark said.

“Because if you’re in an intergenerational cycle of poverty you have kids who have never had breakfast with parents who have never had breakfast, and so it goes.”

“Its fantastic to see that here in Milton, good seeds are growing.”

Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan was on hand to offer praise for the efforts of the Toko Hub workers.

“I think Milton is on the up. But there are still the underlying issues. A huge number of kids go to school with no food in their bellies,” he said.

“This group actually gets it. They burrow in and they know the people. We’ve actually got some people who’ve got some heart and spirit and fight in them.”