Christmas Tree Extravaganza


Christmas trees covered in all manner of intricate designs and trinkets were on show as part of the eighth annual Christmas Tree Extravaganza in Balclutha last week.

Co-ordinated by the Clutha Ministers Association, the 37 trees on display attracted more than 1000 visitors to the St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church hall in Balclutha, where they marvelled at the imagination of contestants, many who came from local schools, churches, businesses and community groups.

Looking over their entry in the competition were teachers and pupils from St Joseph’s School of Balclutha.

Guiding teacher Rowena Miller over their tree are (from left) Sophie Irwin
(8), Carter Ireu (6) and Isabelle May (7).

The children’s class spent a week decorating their tree with a murmur of paper St Dominic nuns as they told the story of Christmas.PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE