Burglars thought to be using drones


Constable Sam Morris of Balclutha Police has a new warning for the public after noting ‘‘a trend of dishonesty offending lately’’.

‘‘There’s been a drone observed flying around rural properties which we think may be scoping out future burglaries . . .We’d like to get a message out to people to try to secure their property.’’

A trailer and a vehicle were recently targeted for theft and three firearms were stolen along with other items from a rural property near Clinton on March 14.

On March 16 a vehicle reported for driving off without paying from Waihola petrol station was spotted near Milton.

When police activated sirens and lights the stolen vehicle swerved around a truck to flee and further dangerous driving resulted in police abandoning the pursuit.

The 22›year›old female driver was apprehended after crashing into a ditch near Mosgiel and getting stuck inside.

She was remanded in custody to face a list of charges.

A ute driving erratically over Clutha Bridge on March 17 was pulled over after cornering on to Hasborough Pl on the wrong side of the island.

A 29›year›old male disqualified driver will face charges after failing an alcohol breath test while more than four times the limit.