Budding artist wins drawing contest



A pencil drawing of early settler Thomas Gabriel Read has won a young Waitahuna artist a new canvas and art supplies.

Tyler Alderton (11) said he was “really excitied and pretty proud of myself” when he found out he scored the top spot in the recent Waitahuna and Lawrence-based competition.

The subject of the drawing was an early settler to Lawrence, whose discovery of gold in the eponymous Gabriel’s Gully set off New Zealand’s first major gold rush in 1961.

“We had to do something on Lawrence heritage. I’d heard of him before so I drew him,” Tyler said.

Winner . . . Tyler Alderton’s pencil drawing of original gold miner Thomas Gabriel Read. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

He said he enjoyed drawing people and buildings the most, and had been doing so for “four or five years.”

“I like having an empty space to fill up with drawings. I try to be creative but also draw what I see.”

Tyler said the technique of drawing took time and those interested in pursuing the art form should “just keep trying and you will get better.”

Lawrence community co-ordinator Sarah Homer said “I am so impressed with the art we received. Tyler put in three entries and they were all bought by the staff at The Prospector.”

This was the first time she had organised the event and said “we will definitely do it again next year.”