Bridesmaids milk the attention


All Anna and Peter Benny, of Clydevale, wanted was a small intimate wedding.

Anna originally came from England and decided she did not want to burden her family and friends with the expense of coming Down Under for a short trip.

There was also the threat of the global pandemic due to Covid-19 to consider.

The pair then met Katy Button, who suggested holding the wedding on her Port Molyneux dairy farm.

“My husband, Peter Benny, is a dairy farmer so cows are a major part of his life,’’ Mrs Benny said.

‘‘When Katy offered her farm as the location to hold the service we were stoked.”

The date was March 7, the weather fine, the bride and bridesmaids — a pair of dairy cows named Sandy and Rose — walked down the aisle in the middle of a paddock as Mrs Benny’s parents and their friends from around the district all enjoyed the moment.

“It was hilarious,’’ Mrs Benny said.

‘‘My parents did come over from the UK and they were not quite expecting to be at such an untraditional wedding,

“It was fun watching my girlfriends walking through a dairy cow paddock in high heels.”

She said the day was ‘‘awesome’’ as happily it came just before everything “went mental”.
Mrs Benny works as a chemical sales representative selling hand sanitiser.

She had been very busy since the wedding but was happy her parents ended up being locked down here, she said. “They stayed here right up until when their UK repatriation flight left from Christchurch last Thursday,’’ she said. ‘‘It has been great to have them here.”

Mrs Button, of Port Molyneux, said the day was amazing to be a part of. “They were a very relaxed couple,’’ she said.

‘‘We met by chance at the Port Molyneux School food truck night.

‘‘They said they wanted photos with cows to start with and the ideas for their wedding day then progressed to ‘let’s get married with the cows’.

‘‘We were fortunate it was a picture-perfect day and we had a pair of quiet cows to be the stand-in bridesmaids.”