Battle of the West to be decided next month



It will be decided next week who really is the greatest of all time, Tapanui or Heriot?

The Battle of the West will pit two teams of 10, one team from each township, against each other in a series of physical and mental challenges.

Organiser Michelle Kennedy, of the West Otago Health Trust, said the money raised from the contest would go towards the renovation of four housing units for the Ribbonwood Country Home in Tapanui.

“The cottages are designed to provide further assistance to residents of the community, whereby certain assessed individuals have an opportunity to live independently in a monitored environment close to medical facilities,” she said.

And members of the health trust thought a competition would be the best way to raise the funds.

“To settle the debate once and for all. Although it could just make things worse.”

She said some community members had pointed out the folly of pitting the two townships against each other when they had recently been co-operating so well.

But they soldiered on with the competition anyway.

“Each team has to come up with a song, and sing it on the night. There will also be a cooking challenge and a local knowledge quiz.”

The teams were encouraged to invite their families and friends to cheer them on.

A trophy was up for grabs as well.

“It was made by one of the locals in the community. We could use it again in the future if it came to that.”

The Battle of the West competition will be held on Saturday, May 11, 7.30pm at the Heriot Community Centre.