Athlete ‘stoked’ with 2nd place


A Clutha athlete who tried her hand at bodybuilding at a national level has exceeded her expectations with a second place win in her category at the 2020 NABBA New Zealand National Championships in Auckland.

Balclutha resident Casey Howat said she was “stoked” by her result in the novice figure section.

“It was wicked. Such a good experience,” Ms Howat said.

“I had heaps of fun on stage. Just soaked up the atmosphere.”

The competition took place on October 24.

It was not all plain sailing.

One hurdle along the way was receiving only a brief amount of time for preparation.

‘‘It was touch and go at the start. They couldn’t give you an accurate time for when you’d be up, so I only got about a five minute pump up.”

It was preferable to have at least 15 minutes to pump up the muscles.

“But there was no use stressing about it, just relax and enjoy it.”

Ms Howat’s co-competitors at the event were keen to see her return to the stage at a future date, but for now that was off the table.

“They were saying, ‘We’ll see you at the next one’ . . .but I’ve ticked it off my list now. I’m really satisfied with how I’ve done.

“I’m doing squash now. I want to get my B-grade at squash.”