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Did you know the locations of the “How well do you know Clutha?” photo quiz? here are the answers:

PHOTO1: Old clay works building at Benhar. Formerly the site of one of New Zealand’s largest domestic porcelain factories.

PHOTO2: Letter box on Hillend Rd.

PHOTO3: Modern statue on Clyde Street Balclutha.

PHOTO4: Clydevale war memorial from ANZAC Place, Clydevale.

PHOTO5: Old Tuapeka West School yard on Tuapeka West Rd.

PHOTO6: Old Railway viaduct on Falla Burn Rd.

PHOTO7: Old croquet building on Kaihiku Rd, at the railway intersection.

PHOTO8: Paua shell wall art on a wall at Owaka. ALL PHOTOS: JOHN COSGROVE