Sign of New Zealand’s beauty in south of France


Ex-Kaka Point resident Nicolas Cogan has received a cheerful reminder of a visit by some long- distance friends when he was sent a photo of their newly erected Kaka Point sign.

The sign is a long way from home, sitting in Francois and Claire Pasquier’s backyard in Provence, France, in memory of a trip they took to New Zealand in 2019.

‘‘They came to stay with me for a few days in April 2019,’’ Mr Cogan said.

‘‘It must have been one of the highlights of their trips, to put a sign up.’’

Mr Cogan showed the pair other places in the Catlins, such as Cannibal Bay, and made sure they had ‘‘a few feeds of seafood’’ while in town.

He now lived in Hokitika, but had fond memories of the four years he spent living in Kaka Point.

By the beach . . . Ex-Kaka Point resident Nicolas Cogan attributes a number of happy years to living in the sea-side township. PHOTO: SUPPLIED