Readers share their stories of romance

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Cupid’s arrow has struck!

Last week we challenged readers to share their most romantic, unusual or inspiring love stories in preparation for Valentine’s Day this Monday.

Thanks to all those who took part and shared their amazing stories of how they met their sweetheart, soulmate or ‘‘other half’’.

Our crack team of relationship analysts has laughed, gasped and even shed a tear or two over your lovestruck yarns, and picked their favourite, which you can read below.

There are many ways to mark Valentine’s, from the simple to the extravagant, and only you know what will please your loved one best.

From gifts and flowers, to beauty treatments, dinner or perhaps a romantic weekend away, whatever you decided to do for your chosen one, be sure to prepare well in advance.

Valentine’s Day can be one of the busiest of the year for florists, salons and restaurants, so be sure not to miss out.

Our lovely winner this Valentine’s Day touched our hearts by nominating the object of their affection to receive the prize — what gesture could be more romantic on this, the most romantic day of the year?

Our lucky recipient will receive a fantastic 60-minute relaxation massage from the amazing Beauty @45, Balclutha, to get them in the mood for luuurve.



Our winner — the mysterious ‘‘Mr Wilson’’, nominated by Mrs Phelps, of Balclutha . ..

How we met . . .

The door opened and, for a second, I was too stunned to react. He was there standing before me, his body powerful and taut and his deep blue eyes amused. I was sure he was trying not to laugh as his eyes moved slowly over my face, probably searching for some sign of mental instability. Finally, I found my voice and explained why I was at his door.

It was on day four in the new neighbourhood that I found a house key lying on the footpath. After boldly knocking on neighbouring homes, the fifth door was opened by the unbelievably smooth and charismatic Mr Wilson. Small talk and some giggling ensued and I left, walking back home smiling, knowing that I had just been hit with Cupid’s arrow.

And, since meeting him, he has made me smile. Every. Single. Day.