New store opens in Clinton


Less than two weeks ago Claire Whiston opened her Tumbler & Rose store in Clinton, with a wide range of naturally made products to offer.

The new business is already attracting attention.

“A lot of people tell me ‘I drove past and saw the place and then turned around and came back’,” Ms Whiston said.

Tumbler & Rose houses Ms Whiston’s own jewellery along with natural soap, shampoo, incense and even coffee.

“I trained as a jeweller, and I worked in the trade, and I also opened an art gallery with a couple of friends in Taranaki. Then I had my daughter and had to stop working for a while. And then in order to support her I started the business.”

Just before lockdown the jeweller bought property in Clinton for “a fresh start.”

“Clinton is beautiful. The locals here are really lovely,” she said.

“And it’s way busier than Taranaki. The traffic is fantastic even though there’s no tourists at the moment. I need to work on getting more signs out and everything, but it’s good.”

A few of her silver and gold pieces of jewellery already sat in the entranceway of the store, with more set to come.

“I’m still sorting out the shop, then I’ll be able to start making new jewellery.”
While moving across the country and restarting a business would be too daunting for many, Ms Whiston took it in stride.

‘‘I guess I have a belief that when you start working in a creative field, or from the heart, the universe helps you out. I think the world could do with more creative work at the moment.’’

Shop features natural soap made from local honey

Tumbler and Rose owner-operator Claire Whiston says the soap she makes for the shop is 100% natural, cold processed (which maintains the oil’s integrity) and made without electrical equipment.

‘‘This slows the process down, allowing for better blended soap, and it smells great,’’

Each bar is cured for a minimum of four weeks. It is made with only a handful of ingredients, including Catlins Forest Flowers honey made by the Kaka Point Honey Company, here in Otago. Their honey is also available to buy in the shop.

Another product sold in Tumbler & Rose is monoi oil from Tahiti.
‘‘For centuries, the beautiful women of Polynesia have used monoi oil (moh-NOY) to moisturise and condition their skin and hair. It has been an essential secret for beautiful skin and hair for many years.’’

Another popular product is The Mother’s Fragrances India incense sticks.

‘‘I would describe them as natural aromatic treasures.

She says they are beautiful, hand-rolled according to the ageold masala method (no dipping in chemicals), fair trade, ‘‘and they smell amazing’’. The packaging is also handmade.

Also in stock are a variety of natural beauty bars. From shampoo and shave bars to deodorant and everything in between.

To help reduce packaging there, Tumbler & Rose also stocks Studio Milk soy candles. They are crafted in small batches, infused with scented essential oils and fragrance.

‘‘Their products pay homage to a life inspired by nature, gratitude and mindfulness. The packaging is clean and classic with a hint of rustic charm.’’

Then there is La Rochere Etched Bee Glassware.

‘‘Handcrafted in Provence, they have a modern silhouette with rustic charm. Superior quality and etched with the symbol of Provence, France — The Neopolitan Bee.’’