Tech taught at the library

Tech fun . . . Enjoying the tech time at Balclutha Library last Monday with the children and teens librarian Katrina Pudney is Christian Andrew (5). PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

Mini›bots, bee›bots and other fascinating technology applications, including animation programmes and coding applications, were all available for children to play with and learn about at the tech time activity held at the Balclutha Library on Monday as part of the Clutha District Libraries school holiday programmes.

Children were able to take part in a wide variety of activities at the district’s five libraries each day this week, including tech time, craft creations, brick›building with Lego, family fun games, yoga tales, playing with virtual reality headsets (for those aged over 13) and Woolie monster› making and book art.

Adults were also covered with senior tech days to learn new ways to bank and communicate with family.