A stitch in time wins a prize

The artist herself .. Amy Jones sits with her competition-winning "Dragon Girl" embroidered image. PHOTO: JACK CONROY

Nobody knew who Amy Jones was during her first year in Lawrence, but now that her artistic talent has been revealed she is the talk of the town.

Mrs Jones won the adult section of the recent Lawrence Summer Art Competition with a large and intricate embroidered image that took her two weeks to make.

“It’s a dragon girl. We’re quite new to Lawrence and we were quite taken with the lantern festival so I wanted to do something related to that,” the artist said.

She and her family started in Auckland, then moved to Dunedin, before ending up in Lawrence.

“We love it here, everybody is so nice.

Pieces entered in the competition were exhibited in the Touchstone Gallery.

Competition organiser Maureen Cummings said it was clear Mrs Jones’ piece was special from the start.

“People would just come in and just stare at it,” she said.

The theme of the contest was”heritage” and participants could take that theme in any direction they wished.

“I like to draw peole mainly,” Mrs Jones said.

She had been embroidering for the past seven years and said she picked it to different.

“I though about painting, but embroidering is a lot less messy.”

It was also an inexpensive craft to pick up, she said, making it a good option for those wishing to try out a new creative pursuit.

Mrs Jones won $2,200 from the competition, which she said she would put towards a new computer.